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5pm Wednesdays with Shane Richmond

Shane Richmond presented his first radio show as a volunteer at a mental hospital when he was 17. He played his opening record at the wrong speed but eventually improved and even presented shows to audiences that were allowed to leave. Later he did student radio, internet radio years before it became a thing, and was a music journalist. These days he mostly writes about technology. He knows an unfeasible amount of Radiohead trivia, spends more time than you would think listening to new releases and, like many of The Sound FM’s presenters, lives in South East London.

The Get Down

5pm Fridays with Ade Arkley

The Get Down is two hours of funk and soul brilliance drawing on the earliest roots of soul and playing plenty of brand new bangers to get you up and moving, spilling the G&T all over the start of the weekend. There are stops along the way into Northern Soul, 70s funk, Philly, disco, Britfunk, hip-hop, reggae and all the countries of the globe. Ade Arkley digs into the murky caverns of Vinylia so you don’t have to. And he champions the new, the brave, the neo and the groove. Do you want to be on the show? In Put Your Records On, a guest each week picks their three favourite funk and soul tunes and tells Ade why they love them. We’d love to hear yours, so hit us up with your contact details and requests.

The Aperitivo Hour

5pm Thursdays with Wendell Maas

Wendell “Mucho” Maas is a middling radio DJ who constantly grumbles about his job. He can separate out all the individual tones in a musical chord, but he can no longer tell apart different people who employ the phrase “rich, chocolaty goodness.” These days he moonlights on the cocktail shift at thesound.fm, scouring runes across the pop music canon for deeper meaning – or at least a decent accompaniment to a well-crafted negroni. Join us for a sublime range of tunes from Quannum, Thievery Corporation and Gorillaz to Tom Waits, Talking Heads, Television and more. 

Special Delivery

7pm Wednesdays with The Postman

Based in southwest London, The Postman is a keen amateur musician who composes his own brand of experimental ambient music. For the past eight years, he has literally been working as a postman for the Royal Mail. A huge music fan, the Postie loves [loved?] going to gigs and is enjoying doing the Special Delivery show on thesound.fm. Favourite artists include Joy Division, Stars Of The Lid, Swans, Laurie Anderson, Radiohead & Peter Gabriel! Other interests include film, reading, golf, Chelsea FC & modern art. Favourite food is cheese & fave drink is San Miguel. The aim of The Special Delivery is to provide listeners with a wide range of music, from ambient, indie rock, electronica, prog, soundtrack & much more. Also, a good dose of information and humour!

Lethargy DJs

7pm Fridays with Ruth H + 

Ruth is one of the Friday night Lethargy DJs and loves nothing more than music with friends – whether that is live at a gig, club or festival, playing records at home or sharing new finds through the phone. She has very broad tastes and you are likely to find her jumping around to anything – an upcoming grime mc, old jungle DJ, Japanese heavy metal band, ear bleeding techno or Nick Cave. If you are Ruth’s friend  it is very likely she will have dragged you along to a weird gig or two over the years. And if it’s too weird for anyone else she’ll just go on her own.

Rock n’ Rollin’ Back the Years

7-9pm Every other Tuesday with DJ K

His initials are made for radio but K had just been going to too many movies, gigs and football matches to think about the airwaves. Then the pandemic struck and all K’s favourites were only available for streaming, so it was time to get involved! A fan of the expansive rock genre, K has designed Rock n’ Rollin’ Back the Years to remind us of great music in every decade, from the sixties right up to today. Also, being the sort of person that alphabetises his albums, you won’t be at all surprised the episode number of K’s show corresponds to the years featured. Clever, although we are all wondering what happens after the tenth episode?


7-9pm Every other Tuesday with Rob O’Cop

Rob is a big fan of live music and live sport. But, unable to enjoy either during lockdown, he’s had more time on his hands than usual. And rather than doing something wholesome like reading a book or getting fit, he has devoted his spare time to scouring the internet for new and exciting indie and alternative music. His show, cunningly titled Indiescovery, goes out every other Tuesday between 7 and 9pm.

Pick ‘n Mix

7pm Thursdays with DJ Jon

Jon’s been an avid music fan for more years than he’d care to mention and spends much of his spare time listening to, creating and collecting music. His music taste has very few limits, from Electronica to Indie, Heavy Metal to Folk, Rap to Classical and Pop to Jazz. Hitting shuffle on his mp3 collection can lead to some interesting results! Jon’s Pick ‘n Mix show is a journey to all corners of that collection, picking out tracks old and new while trying to carve a journey through the genres and hopefully highlight some new choice cuts that you might not have heard before!

Are Friends Eclectic?

7pm Mondays with Wolfgang Jacques

Wolfgang Jacques has led a varied and cosmopolitan life when it comes to music. Tone deaf and toe-curlingly bad when singing, totally inept at playing any kind of instrument, and displaying a very average understanding of the kind of hip modern stuff his two young daughters listen to, he nevertheless is a radio fanatic and has cultivated a broad taste in all kinds of great music. From the ’60s to the present day: jazz, rock, funk, punk, pop, country, soul, hip hop, chanson, soundtracks, electronica and indie, it’s all there. Hence “Eclectic”, right? And, as his name suggests, he has a soft spot for all things Franco-Germanic. So tune in to Are Friends Eclectic? to hear for yourselves. Alles klar, mes amis?